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UAA is your full service Audio/Visual integration and ADA accessibility authority. Our decade long involvement with the disability community is demonstrated in every aspect of our work from evaluation to content creation to complete systems installation.

Assistive Listening

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UAA has the technology and experience to solve any assistive listening challenge. From museums to colleges to retail facilities to houses of worship, there is NO LIMIT to where we can design and install assistive listening systems –– commercial spaces, corporate environments, education and entertainment venues, such as museums, zoos, arcades, concert halls, theaters, stadiums, and many more. UAA’s alliances with manufacturers and audiologists, worldwide, ensure the best systems for your applications.

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Accessible Media

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Since 2001, UAA has developed and produced universally accessible media for corporate, educational publishers, museums & zoos, entertainment, commercial, and federal agencies including the U.S. Department of Education, and the State Department. We provide captioning and audio description, audio tours, DAISY 3 Digital Talking Books, multi-sensory learning materials, and fully accessible interactive games; also, accessible business forms and school tests and assessments in braille, large print, text only, HTML and PDF formats. Selecting UAA as your multimedia production partner will provide you with the professionals who deliver media that is fully accessible.

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ADA Consulting

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Our ADA specialists possess a thorough knowledge of the letter, spirit, and the value of ADA and disability legislation. UAA has advised a broad range of companies and organizations in addressing ADA compliance issues. UAA provides across-the-board ADA architectural and programmatic consultancy. For anything from facility-wide design and/or renovations, to specific individual requirements, let our experience work for you. We also offer site evaluations and full service contracts.


We Are Passionate About Our Solutions

UAA can design and install complete, fully ADA compliant Audio/Visual systems for ANY venue. Our extensive work for commercial, government, education, faith-based, entertainment, and corporate sectors, as well as medical & health centers and the restaurant & hospitality industry, has earned us numerous industry awards. We understand the intricacies of each venue and can help you:

• meet industry specific regulatory requirements
• custom create an exceptional media environment using our highly advanced Audio/Visual and lighting components
• develop effective display content that speaks directly to your clientele
• establish emergency and safety solutions

Utilize our diverse experience and technological expertise to ensure that your project joins UAA’s long list of 21st century success stories.

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Meet Our Executive Team

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Co-Director-Systems Integrator
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Matthew Kaplowitz Co-Director - Content and Accessibility

With backgrounds rooted in systems integration, accessible media, and audio/video technology, UAA is the culmination of its executive team’s career-spanning dedication to developing innovative Audio/Visual and Lighting systems and to expanding the boundaries of accessibility for individuals with special needs. Collectively, over the last thirty years, UAA’s senior management have established a major organization specializing in Audio/Visual systems design and installation, accessible multimedia and audio production,. They have designed and installed sound, lighting, and video systems for a myriad of venues, including world renowned museums, zoos, banks, and public spaces. They have served on many accessibility related research boards, and participated in a technology group that formulated audio standards for compressed media.

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