Shopping Centers, Malls, and Commercial Outlets

UAA's professional designers and installers will create the ultimate shopping experience

for your customers by setting up a complete custom Audio/Visual system that utilizes

streaming audio, L.E.D color changing lighting, digital signage, large flat panel displays,

and numerous other A/V elements to make your retail space impressive, distinctive, and

fully accessible.




Create the ultimate shopping experience with an UAA Control System. With attractive

touch screens and smart remote controls, or iPad and iPod touch:


 activate elegant storefront lighting scenes based on time of day or day of year.

 set a comfortable temperature.

 stream easy listening music.

 display important store and product information with interactive digital signage.


Transform an entire shopping mall or retail complex into a secure and productive energy

efficient environment. With UAA’s green technology, property managers can remotely

manage the security, climate, lighting, cameras, and audio/video systems.



Marketing psychologists have long been aware that purchasing decisions are

heightened by our environment: the sights, sounds and smells that stimulate our

senses. Audio enhancements can set or affect the appropriate mood to encourage

purchasing decisions. UAA’s designers and installers can provide the proper climate for

your business. With our extensive background in Retail based systems, we are able to

perform exceptionally in all retail segments from small corner stores to the largest

shopping mall projects in the country.


 Public Address Systems

 Audio over IP

 Background Music

 Life Safety

 Sound Canceling Systems

 Live PA

 Multi Zone Audio Streaming

 Audio Calibrating and Room Evaluations

 Service Contracts



UAA understands how to use video systems to entice customers into making YOUR

stores their preferred choice. Marketing campaigns bring customers to your door but

that is only the beginning. UAA has the solutions that will keep customers in your store

longer and have them returning. From interactive product selection systems to large

format flat screens playing your greatest advertisements, we can develop a system

specifically for you.


 Digital Signage

 Interactive Product Systems

 Large Flat Panel Displays

 Window Display Video Systems

 Training Room Systems

 Outdoor Video Systems

 Video Walls

 Projection Systems

 Service Contracts



UAA understands the ways in which a retail space is like an interactive advertisement.

Factors such as lighting play a vital role in presenting the merchandise and affecting a

customer’s overall experience. Behind the counter, the right light controls can also make

a store and its employees more efficient and productive. Retail stores often have very

complicated lighting demands. The size of the store, the location of the windows, the

items being featured, and the time of day all combine to influence the lighting strategy at

 any given moment. UAA knows the many requirements of Retail facilities and has

solutions to fulfill every one.


 L.E.D. Color Changing Lighting

 Architectural L.E.D. Fixtures

 L.E.D. Florescent Replacement Lamps

 L.E.D. Strip and Accent Lighting

 L.E.D. Task Lighting

 Daylight Sensor Systems

 Multi Zone Lighting & Shade Control

 Service Contracts with Accessibility Assurance


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