Assistive Listening Technologies

UAA has the technology and experience to solve any assistive listening challenge. From museums to colleges to retail facilities to houses of worship, there is NO LIMIT to where we can design and install assistive listening systems –– commercial spaces, corporate environments, education and entertainment venues, such as museums, zoos, arcades, concert halls, theaters, stadiums, and many more. UAA’s alliances with manufacturers and audiologists, worldwide, ensure the best systems for your applications.

One of the key elements of WiFi assistive listening technology is that users can hear the audio on their own personal smart phone or tablet device. UAA provides multi-channel WiFi assistive listening systems that broadcast over any standard computer network. This enables listening to the amplified signal on the user’s headphones or neck loop. WiFi systems are designed to simplify integrating into large infrastructures that have multiple zones of audio.

Female using FM System

FM systems designed for hearing assistance, work similarly to commercial FM broadcast systems. A specific designated range in the FM broadcast bandwidth can be used for auditory assistance applications. Since each audio assistance system may use its own broadcast frequency, several systems can operate simultaneously at one location without interfering with each other. UAA offers both narrow-band and wide-band FM systems. To alleviate potential interference issues, all of our systems feature field tuning. UAA offers several listening options for FM receivers, including Under-chin and Walkman style headsets.

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UAA will effectively design and install an induction loop system that transmits audible signals directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants. This allows people with hearing impairments the opportunity to enjoy crystal clear customized sound, free of background noise and echo. We can set up this technology ANYWHERE. UAA, in association with Metro Sound Pros, is the only Ampetronics certified Hearing Loop installer on the East Coast. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll do the rest!

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UAA provides Infrared assistive listening technology; a wireless system that transmits sound to a person’s receiver via invisible light beams. This is optimal for facilities operating several systems, in different rooms, simultaneously. Infrared technology is secure via an encrypted signal––ideal for applications where privacy is crucial. Unlike FM transmission and induction loop technology, infrared light cannot pass through walls. Each person uses an infrared receiver, including types such as the lightweight under the chin style, over the head, and neck loops.

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