Corporate Offices, Auditoriums and Conference Rooms

UAA knows that designing or refitting Audio/Visual systems for spaces built to

accommodate large groups of people, requires careful planning. Factors such as

architecture, acoustics, lighting, and site lay-out must be taken into account before any

construction can begin. Since UAA is involved in every phase of installation, we can

ensure the resulting creation of a productive, efficient, and fully accessible

communication center for your business environment.





UAA utilizes familiar and easy-to-use touch devices, smart remotes, and On-Display

Menu intelligent control to provide one-touch control that streamlines interaction of all

technologies within your boardroom, conference area, or executive briefing center.

Don’t waste your time or lose focus during important meetings fumbling around with

multiple remotes to pilot a presentation.


From complete control and automation of intelligent lighting, climate, shades, privacy

glass audio/video equipment, and multi-media presentation material, to the powering of

a telepresence or video conference meeting, UAA creates a simple, productive and

efficient work environment.



Communication is the key to success in a corporate environment and technology is the

key to advancing how business communicates. UAA makes available the latest in audio

technology to provide:


 Public Address Systems

 Audio over IP

 Teleconference Rooms

 Life Safety

 Sound Canceling Systems

 Live PA

 Multi Zone Audio Streaming

 Audio Calibrating and Room Evaluations

 Service Contracts



Selecting UAA as your technology partner will give you access to professionals with the

experience and expertise required to source and implement your next video integration

project. We can design, source, integrate and service Video display systems. Projects



 Large Flat Panel Displays

 Video Conference Systems

 Training Rooms

 Projection Systems

 Boardrooms

 Recording & Archiving

 Digital Signage

 Presentation Systems

 Interactive Waiting Room Video Systems

 Service Contracts



UAA provides delivery of innovative, superior lighting solutions and related products for

the corporate sector. As the benefits of energy efficiency become increasingly apparent,

many businesses are exploring new methods of conservation. UAA's intelligent and

highly flexible lighting system options are easily integrated and capable of generating

substantial savings while contributing towards productivity and the overall aesthetic of

your building.


 L.E.D. Florescent Replacement Lamps

 L.E.D. Strip and Accent Lighting

 L.E.D. Task Lighting

 L.E.D. Color Changing Lighting

 Daylight Sensor Systems

 Multi Zone Lighting & Shade Control

 Service Contracts with Accessibility Assurance


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