Houses of Worship

Let UAA design and install an advanced, fully accessible Audio/Visual system that

will help create an inspirational experience for worshippers. We’ve fitted over 250

houses of worship with multimedia technology, including digital stage monitor

systems, PA systems, projection screens, assistive listening systems, digital

signage, live web streaming, recording/archiving systems, and theatrical stage

lighting packages. Join the growing list of believers – contact UAA today.




UAA can create a dynamic and comfortable experience for worshippers by enhancing

congregational communications. Set the appropriate atmosphere for congregants by

adjusting intelligent lighting, temperature, window shades, audio, and microphone levels

from a single, easy-to-operate remote touch screen in a centrally located area.

Complement traditionally designed worship settings by introducing audio and video

display systems. With one touch, a UAA system can lower and raise projection screens

and power High Definition TVs to exhibit important sermon messages or song lyrics.

With UAA, prevent theft and protect valuable property with a complete security system,

door locks, motion senor integration, and the ability to view surveillance cameras while

off premises using an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.



Few sound systems have as many challenges as those installed in modern houses of

worship. Contemporary worship services have incorporated bands, large choirs, and

have goals that rival corporate and theatrical productions! Expectations are high, yet the

band, singers and crew are all volunteers, and most buildings have inherent

architectural and acoustic challenges.


UAA understands these challenges and has created some of the highest quality and

unique sound systems for over 250 houses of worship. UAA takes a balanced approach

to houses of worship sound system design and provides systems with your needs in



 Full PA Systems

 Analog or Digital Stage Monitor Systems

 Audio over IP

 Life Safety

 Public Address Systems

 Audio Calibrating and Room Evaluations

 Multi Zone Audio Systems

 Assistive Listening Systems

 Teleconference / Telepresence Rooms

 Service Contracts with Accessibility Assurance



Many churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship currently utilize technology

to make their services a multimedia experience, molding their message into a fully

interactive experience. By utilizing video integration technology a house of worship can

spread the Word to countless numbers of people via live and recorded web streaming.

Digital Signage solutions give the congregation information they need on upcoming

services and events while Projection Systems and Video Walls make services larger

than life. And appropriately so.


 Seamless Video Mixing

 Video Matrix Systems

 Large Flat Panel Displays

 Video Walls

 Projection Systems

 Digital Signage

 Live Web streaming

 Recording & Archiving

 Production Systems

 HD Camera Systems

 Service Contracts with Accessibility Assurance



Church or synagogue, cathedral or mosque — these facilities are used for dozens of

purposes, each with particular requirements. With these challenges come opportunities

to showcase architectural features or highlight a building’s legacy. Direct attention to

speakers, musicians, cantors, and clergy, punctuate a critical moment during a service,

or turn your service into a theatrical presentation with color and intelligent moving



UAA's premier lighting systems can accommodate the flexibility demanded by a space

serving multiple functions while delivering the smooth transitions required during

religious services.


 Color Changing L.E.D. Fixtures

 Intelligent Moving Fixtures

 Ellipsoidal & Follow Spots

 Theatrical Stage Lighting Packages

 L.E.D. Strip and Accent Lighting

 Architectural L.E.D. Lighting

 Outdoor L.E.D. Fixtures

 Multi Zone Lighting & Shade Control

 Service Contracts with Accessibility Assurance



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