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UAA can design and install complete, fully ADA compliant Audio/Visual systems for ANY venue. Our extensive work for commercial, government, education, faith-based, entertainment, and corporate sectors, as well as medical & health centers and the restaurant & hospitality industry, has earned us numerous industry awards. We understand the intricacies of each venue and can help you:

  • Meet industry specific regulatory requirements.
  • Custom create an exceptional media enviroment using our highly advanced Audio/Video and Lighting componets.
  • Develop effective display content that speaks directly to your clientele.
  • Establish emergency and safety solutions.

Utilize our diverse experience and technological expertise to ensure that your project

joins UAA’s long list of 21st century success stories.



UAA knows that designing or refitting Audio/Visual systems for spaces built to

accommodate large groups of people, requires careful planning. Factors such as

architecture, acoustics, lighting, and site lay-out must be taken into account before any

construction can begin. Since UAA is involved in every phase of installation, we can

ensure the resulting creation of a productive, efficient, and fully accessible

communication center for your business environment.


UAA's professional designers and installers will create the ultimate shopping experience

for your customers by setting up a complete custom Audio/Visual system that utilizes

streaming audio, L.E.D color changing lighting, digital signage, large flat panel displays,

and numerous other A/V elements to make your retail space impressive, distinctive, and

fully accessible.


UAA has been designing and installing high-performance, fully accessible Audio/Visual

systems for the hospitality industry for over a decade. From an exciting first impression

thru the umpteenth return visit, your guests will enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere of a

memorable establishment. UAA can provide video walls, interactive information

systems, audio streaming, digital signage, and multi-zone lighting and shade control,

along with dozens of other dynamic features.


UAA has extensive experience in creating high-level, fully accessible Audio/Visual

installations for the healthcare industry. We know, firsthand, the benefits that advanced

A/V technologies provide in improving levels of healthcare excellence by enhancing

communication through interactive information systems, telepresence, streaming audio,

and high resolution audio displays. Our intelligent control systems can help streamline

medical data including: healthcare technologies, patient information policies and

procedures, and training objectives.


UAA is totally versed in every aspect of the educational sector. From sit down talks

with local teachers to meetings with officials from the U.S. Department of Education,

UAA executives have educated themselves regarding the special requirements of K-12

schools, community colleges, sprawling universities, and eLearning platforms. Our

award-winning, fully accessible Audio/Visual installations receive A plusses from

educators looking to integrate digital teaching platforms to unify collaborative learning

tools and technologies.


Let UAA design and install an advanced, fully accessible Audio/Visual system that

will help create an inspirational experience for worshippers. We’ve fitted over 250

houses of worship with multimedia technology, including digital stage monitor

systems, PA systems, projection screens, assistive listening systems, digital

signage, live web streaming, recording/archiving systems, and theatrical stage

lighting packages. Join the growing list of believers – contact UAA today.


UAA understands the many unique requirements involved in the installation of top

quality, fully accessible Audio/Visual systems for highly trafficked public exhibition

areas such as museums, aquariums, and zoos. We’ve designed and installed

sound, lighting, and video systems for some of the top exhibits in the world

including the U.S.S. Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum and the Congo exhibit

at the Bronx Zoo. From a single room exhibit to a large scale exhibition hall, let us

put our experience and expertise to work for you.



UAA can install complete Audio/Visual systems in ANY location. We can render your

site fully accessible. Whether or not we mentioned your particular area, UAA has the

experience and technical ability to address your individual requirements in the

development and production of customized systems installations. Let our thorough

knowledge and unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and universal access

help bring your vision into reality.

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