Hospitals, Medical Centers, Doctor’s Offices, Health/Wellness Centers

UAA has extensive experience in creating high-level, fully accessible Audio/Visual

installations for the healthcare industry. We know, firsthand, the benefits that advanced

A/V technologies provide in improving levels of healthcare excellence by enhancing

communication through interactive information systems, telepresence, streaming audio,

and high resolution audio displays. Our intelligent control systems can help streamline

medical data including: healthcare technologies, patient information policies and

procedures, and training objectives.




UAA intelligent control systems can help streamline medical data including:

 healthcare technologies

 patient information

 policies and procedures

 training objectives


UAA can put control of the entire complex or medical center in your hands, providing

single-room or central intelligent lighting, climate control, content delivery, and more…

This makes the critical workday for nurses, doctors and other clinical staff more

productive and efficient. UAA also offers child-friendly video games and media rooms

for children’s hospitals.



National safety requirements have made it important to have functional Audio

communication equipment throughout your healthcare facility. At UAA, we employ a

team of highly specialized Healthcare Solution professionals with extensive experience

working with healthcare professionals across all platforms. UAA can provide basic audio

systems to page nurses and medical staff, intercoms, and equipment that delivers

background and ambiance music. We also offer more complex setups that interconnect

your staff with mass notification systems, emergency alerts, and multi zone pages.


 Sound Masking

 Life Safety

 Public Address Systems

 Audio Calibrating and Room Evaluations

 Background Music

 Audio over IP

 Teleconference / Telepresence Rooms



UAA recognizes the potential that visual technologies have in impacting levels of

healthcare excellence across a variety of applications. Hospitals and healthcare

facilities are using projection systems, telepresence, and digital signage networks to

expand resources, reach more patients, and provide better care. Video technologies

allow employees, patients and doctors to better communicate, collaborate and improve

healthcare options - all while saving time and money. We also understand that solution

flexibility is critical and that’s why UAA provides a broad portfolio of solutions with

medical grade electronic equipment from many of the top Professional Video

manufacturers in the industry.


 Telepresence

 Projection Systems

 Child Suite Systems

 High Resolution Medical Displays

 Interactive Information Systems

 Training Systems

 Service Contracts with Accessibility Assurance



SP lighting and lighting control is a powerful way to support healthcare facilities’

important design goals. Specialized lighting improves the patient experience and

enhances staff performance. Additionally, light control dramatically reduces electricity

usage, which contributes to an environmentally conscious facility. The well-being of a

patient often corresponds to the environment in which they convalesce!


UAA can help patients with the healing process by giving them personal control of lights

and daylight. This control reduces a patient's stress and anxiety, and supports his/her

natural circadian rhythms. In addition, light levels can be quickly altered so nurses and

doctors can deliver the highest quality of care.


 Color Temperature Specific L.E.D. Bulbs

 L.E.D. Florescent Replacement Lamps

 L.E.D. Task Lighting

 L.E.D. Indoor/Outdoor Fixtures

 Daylight Sensor Systems

 Multi Zone Lighting & Shade Control

 Service Contracts with Accessibility Assurance


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