Hotels, Restaurants, Nightclubs and Casinos

UAA has been designing and installing high-performance, fully accessible Audio/Visual

systems for the hospitality industry for over a decade. From an exciting first impression

thru the umpteenth return visit, your guests will enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere of a

memorable establishment. UAA can provide video walls, interactive information

systems, audio streaming, digital signage, and multi-zone lighting and shade control,

along with dozens of other dynamic features.




UAA uses integrated AV control systems to let you automatically adjust:

 Hotel architectural lighting.

 Restaurant temperature and climate.

 Casino security and camera surveillance.

 Digital signage and distributed AV in sports bars and nightclubs.


From a command post onsite, or in remote location, monitor and manage energy

consumption using green technology, run system diagnostics and schedule facility

maintenance. UAA utilizes motion and occupancy sensors to turn-off or lower intelligent

lighting and lower temperatures in unoccupied rooms or building zones.

Offer guests in your penthouse suites or VIP rooms a personal and convenient

entertainment experience. Guests can instantly access and play their entire personal

music or video iTunes collection throughout the space, by simply plugging in their iPod

or iPhone into UAA’s in-wall and table top media docks.



For over 10 years UAA has been installing high-performance audio systems designed

specifically for the hospitality market. Working with the leading audio manufactures

UAA, has created high quality systems that optimize the guest experience. Our award

winning installations have established UAA as a leader of sound system installation in

the hospitality industry. Let our expert system design and hassle-free installation help

you maximize your investment and avoid technical headaches.


 Public Address Systems

 Audio over IP

 Teleconference Rooms

 Life Safety

 Sound Canceling Systems

 Live PA

 Multi Zone Audio Streaming

 Audio Calibrating and Room Evaluations

 Service Contracts



The Hotel and Hospitality industry maxim: you have ONE chance to make a good first

impression with your guests. UAA can guarantee you do exactly that. Digital Signage

allows customers to find amenities or view the dinner menu while a video wall can

display enticing pictures of your hotel facility or the big game in your sports bar. Flat

screen displays create a contemporary and fashionable feel throughout your restaurant.

Projection systems await business clients in your conference rooms. UAA knows what it

takes to keep your guests coming back and we have the technology to make it happen.


 Conference Room Systems

 Large Scale Projection

 Interactive Information Systems

 Large Flat Panel Displays

 Video Walls

 Outdoor Video Systems

 Digital Signage

 HD Camera Systems

 Service Contracts



UAA’s commitment to innovation delivers significant savings and an enhanced guest

experience. A wide range of L.E.D. light and shading control systems can help set the

tone to make guests feel welcome – whether they’ve come to work, play, sleep, dine, or

simply relax. The leisure traveler will take comfort in the intuitive lighting system at their

bedside. Light and shade control in every restaurant fulfills distinct requirements from

the kitchen, front-of-house staff, and – of course – the guests. A versatile lighting

system helps resorts to attract large conferences and meetings as well as loyal guests

who return year after year. And, nightclub attendees expect an intense lighting and laser

effects systems to enhance their after-hours experience.


 L.E.D. Florescent Replacement Lamps

 L.E.D. Strip and Accent Lighting

 L.E.D. Task Lighting

 L.E.D. Color Changing Lighting

 Architectural L.E.D. Fixtures

 Daylight Sensor Systems

 Multi Zone Lighting & Shade Control

 Service Contracts with Accessibility Assurance


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