ADA Consulting and Compliance

Our ADA specialists possess a thorough knowledge of the letter, spirit, and the value of ADA and disability legislation. UAA has advised a broad range of companies and organizations in addressing ADA compliance issues. UAA provides across-the-board ADA architectural and programmatic consultancy. For anything from facility-wide design and/or renovations, to specific individual requirements, let our experience work for you. We also offer site evaluations and full service contracts.

UAA is an industry expert in the fulfillment of Section 508/504 Standards. Let us advise you regarding current electronic and information technology legislation and compliance criteria, specific to:

• software applications and operating systems

• web-based information and applications

• computers, videos and telecommunications products

•adaptive workplace technology and accommodations

UAA’s consultancy, production and validation services help businesses and associations to ensure that all people with disabilities have equal opportunity to participate in their programs, benefit from their services and have comparable access to electronic and information technology.

UAA knows that when it comes to emergency and safety planning, following ADA requirements – to the letter- is of paramount importance. UAA has extensive experience in emergency management for the general population and for individuals with special needs. Emergency readiness elements are built into our architectural-based designs as well as our communications systems; these include public address systems, notifications for mobile devices, and digital signage. We’ll make sure that all your communication alert systems are fully accessible to people with disabilities. UAA’s consultancy services include training in emergency procedures for your organization’s management and personnel.

Effective systems integration requires meticulous planning, careful layout, and effective design. UAA offers advanced consulting and system design services. From structured wiring layouts to integrated control of various subsystems, UAA is available to implement your systems just the way you envision them. UAA understands that project management is a critical, but often overlooked, element even in high priority projects. We plan and coordinate each phase of our projects and interface between all parties - from concept to completion.

UAA’s service contracts ensure the operational excellence of your A/V and Control systems…and then go a step further. Our accessibility assurance process provides continuous site assessments and maintenance for accessibility and ADA compliance. Our accessibility assurance provides continuous site assessments and maintenance for accessibility and ADA compliance. As your exhibits come and go, each has its separate ADA architectural and programmatic requirements and challenges. UAA will be there to identify and oversee all of your ongoing maintenance and accessibility needs. We offer quarterly, bi-annual, or annual site evaluations. A service contract with UAA puts all of our experience and expertise at your command.

UAA will custom create the perfect media environment for your space by giving you complete control of all audio/visual and lighting and elements. It’s been proven that these enhancements can establish or affect the appropriate mood to encourage any behavior from learning to purchasing. From large flat panel displays to streaming background music, we can develop an A/V Control system to fulfill the precise needs of your company or organization.

UAA understands that, prior to installation, careful planning is critical to ensure that the control systems:

  • address the specific conditions of any installation space.
  • meet all ADA requirements.
  • are installed discretely so not to obstruct those with mobility impairments.
  • are compatible with all forms of assistive technology.

UAA is a leader in the development of smart buildings that use information technology to connect a variety of systems (lighting, heating, humidifiers, etc.) that traditionally operate independently. That way, these systems can share information to increase performance at the lowest cost and least impact to the environment. UAA can provide intelligent building automation that regulates lighting, sound and video systems as well as utilities, such as temperature, water, air units, lighting, and alarm systems. We have the knowledge and ability to plan and facilitate installation of smart building technology that can be accessed by people with disabilities.

UAA will plan and install exceptional, distinctive digital signage that will provide your patrons and guests with important information at entrance and exit points and throughout your space. These signs feature remote logging so they can be controlled from anywhere. The information on the screen(s) can be changed or updated from anywhere. Our marketing experts offer training on how to create the most effective messaging on digital signage. UAA employs disability specialists to optimize display content for individuals with visual impairments as well as print disabilities. We’ll show you how to utilize graphic elements like typography, font sizes, background color and contrast to foster optimal readability.

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