Classrooms, Schools, Campuses and Virtual/Distance Learning

UAA is totally versed in every aspect of the educational sector. From sit down talks

with local teachers to meetings with officials from the U.S. Department of Education,

UAA executives have educated themselves regarding the special requirements of K-12

schools, community colleges, sprawling universities, and eLearning platforms. Our

award-winning, fully accessible Audio/Visual installations receive A plusses from

educators looking to integrate digital teaching platforms to unify collaborative learning

tools and technologies.





UAA supports a wide range of applications designed for classrooms, schools,

campuses, and for virtual/distance learning, including:


 complete campus control

 emergency alert notification

 messaging

 distance learning

 in-classroom lecture capture

 interactive whiteboards

 basic management of multi-media presentation material

 intelligent lighting controls, shades, and temperature

 school-ground safety and utilities management


Improve your educators’ efficiency and enhance the learning environment by providing

dynamic and interactive pedagogical tools. An integrated teaching platform from UAA

enables teachers to unify collaborative learning tools and technologies to create an

impactful and memorable education experience for students.



At UAA, educational facilities have always been one of our strongest segments. We

realize that the two things all educational facilities have in common are tough budgets

and a strong demand for the latest in Audio technology. We are known throughout the

educational sector for addressing these matters.


Leading Universities, Colleges and K-12 schools currently employ UAA's design and

installation experts to install our award winning Audio systems in their classrooms,

distance learning labs, lecture halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and athletic arenas.


 Public Address Systems

 Life Safety

 Auditorium Sound Systems

 Audio Calibrating and Room Evaluations

 Gymnasium Sound Systems

 Audio over IP

 Athletic Fields and Press Box Audio Systems

 Service Contracts with Accessibility Assurance



UAA’s technology solutions, products, and services for the 21st Century Classroom are

used to improve the teaching and learning environment by promoting collaboration and

meaningful interaction between students and teachers. Whether you need to outfit one

classroom or rollout a district wide technology initiative, UAA's experienced staff can

help you meet your objectives.


UAA can provide your campus or school facility with Video solutions that are easy to

use from a teacher perspective, yet provide robust capabilities from a district-wide

management perspective. Contact one of UAA's consultants and we will assist you and

your team with developing a winning Video solution that will meet both your technology

needs and your budget.


 Smart Classrooms

 Distance Learning

 Smart Boards

 Projection Systems

 Campus to Campus Video Systems

 Web Streaming

 Whiteboards

 Recording & Archiving

 Student Assessment Systems

 Service Contracts with Accessibility Assurance



From a single classroom to a sprawling campus composed of many buildings, UAA

offers lighting solutions that can optimize the learning environment and reduce lighting

energy consumption up to 60%. Our lighting design specialists will build a system for

your Educational facility that will reduce energy costs, optimize student production, and

be easy to control.


 L.E.D. Florescent Replacement Lamps

 L.E.D. Indoor/Outdoor Fixtures

 Daylight Sensor Systems

 Multi Zone Lighting & Shade Control

 Service Contracts with Accessibility Assurance


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