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Since 2001, UAA has developed and produced universally accessible media for corporate, educational publishers, museums & zoos, entertainment, commercial, and federal agencies including the U.S. Department of Education, and the State Department. We provide captioning and audio description, audio tours, DAISY 3 Digital Talking Books, multi-sensory learning materials, and fully accessible interactive games; also, accessible business forms and school tests and assessments in braille, large print, text only, HTML and PDF formats. Selecting UAA as your multimedia production partner will provide you with the professionals who deliver media that is fully accessible.

UAA’s captioning services reflect our fifteen years of experience producing captioning, in all media formats. We have provided captioning for many diverse projects ranging from the Bronx Zoo’s Congo exhibit to a mobile device-based tour of a Revolutionary War museum in New York. We’ve even done captions for Broadway shows. UAA’s commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that our captions are precise, synchronized, simple to follow, and easy to read. The words appear clearly on the screen and are never washed out or blurred by other visual elements.

Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART)

UAA’s captioning in real time is an accessibility service that is ideal for programs such as lectures, council meetings, classes and professional association speeches that do not have pre-written scripts. UAA has the technology to produce real time captioning at a remote location, transmitting them to the site where the program is occurring. Our CART providers are experienced professionals whose expertise in captioning guarantees speed, accuracy, and accessible media of the highest quality.

UAA’s audio tours and audio description make public spaces, such as museums and schools, accessible to people who are visually impaired. As one of the largest producers of description in the country, UAA has the experience and resources to deliver crisp and concise descriptive information specifically designed to stand out clearly amidst the background noise of public locations.

Our audio tours and audio descriptions are carefully written and produced by a team of respected experts who include language and literary specialists, authorities in the field of disability studies, professional audio description writers, sound engineers, and blind/visually impaired quality control directors.

Let UAA provide translation services in order to deliver your message to the widest possible audience. UAA multi-lingual team provides expert translation for both digital media and print. We have experience translating numerous languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. UAA understands the importance of maintaining the original meaning and intent of material, while remaining aware of cultural context and sensitivities. We also take regionalization into account, to ensure our translation is appropriate to the specific audience’s locale.

UAA delivers braille and tactile-based accessibility fulfillment. We provide print materials prepared by Library of Congress-certified braille transcribers. These include event guides, braille menus, and emergency and safety information. UAA offers sensory-based signage designed to make public spaces more navigable for those who are visually impaired. From tactile floor plans with accompanying audio output, to braille embossed tags and labels for identification purposes, to ADA compliant signage for emergency and safety notification, UAA can convey any type of information in an accessible form. 

UAA offers complete accessibility solutions for organizations that are ADA compliant and want to further extend the audience reach to patrons with sensory, cognitive or mobile impairments. UAA has worked with the country’s top museums, zoos, and disability associations to develop advanced accessible tour experiences. These include sensory info for exhibits and audio descriptions that include locational information to allow easier orientation within a facility.  We have recently created innovative accessible tours utilizing mobile devices and GPS systems. Let UAA know your requirements and we’ll develop a plan to meet – and exceed – them.

UAA provides accessibility-based event planning that can address the special requirements of any population at any venue. We have extensive knowledge of the various disability communities and their individual needs. We also have tremendous experience managing accessible programs, services, and activities. UAA has planned and hosted accessible special events at Broadway theaters, museums, conference halls, restaurants –– we’ve even held a disability themed movie screening aboard the USS Intrepid. Let us plan out the accessibility logistics of your next special occasion, from start to finish.

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