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UAA’s diverse gallery of notable projects illustrates the scope of our capabilities and our broad range of experience. We take great pride in having provided fully accessible Audio/Visual systems integration services to some of the most famous public spaces in the world. As with all success stories, this didn’t happen overnight. We started with much smaller spaces (which often offered much larger challenges.) It was continually addressing those different challenges that earned us our diverse experience.  UAA large scale and smaller scale installations mean that everyone has the opportunity to put their A/V systems design and installation solutions in the same league as those showcased in our gallery!



Todd Sweeney Performing

Vivian Beaumont Theatre – Design and installation of a Hearing Loop system for patrons with hearing loss. This is the first of Lincoln Center’s eight theatres to be fully ADA-compliant.

Live From Lincoln Center (PBS) – We produced the audio description for Sweeney Todd, the first-ever Live From Lincoln Center TV production with audio description. Sweeney Todd features the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Alan Gilbert, and stars Emma Thompson and Bryn Terfel.

Watch a video-described excerpt from Sweeney Todd


Live From Lincoln Center: Sweeney Todd on Vimeo

Intrepid Welcome Center – Design and Installation of:
• Video Wall featuring twenty-four high-definition monitors. 

• State-of-the-art audio/video, and media control system, to create a highly sophisticated video environment within the Welcome Center’s space

• Digital Signage system with hi-res streaming.

• Hearing Loop system at seven of the fourteen cashier stations.

Enterprise Pavilion – Installation of a massive Hearing Loop system at each exhibit with audio. The first exhibit of its size in the U.S. to be completely accessible for people with hearing loss.

Lutnick Theater – Design and installation of a Hearing Loop system throughout the entire theater, making it completely accessible for those with hearing loss. Ampetronic, the world’s leading manufacturer of hearing loop gear, rated this project second most complicated installation in the world.

Congo Exhibit – Design and upgrade to a 3-D, high definition theater with 1080 picture.

Congo Exhibit – Upgrade the assistive technologies within the theater. Installation of a Hearing Loop system was installed within the entire theater making it completely accessible. Installation of a multi-channel FM Radio Frequency (RF) system that can simultaneously broadcast English language content, foreign language versions, and audio description for the blind.

Congo Exhibit – Audio description and captioning of the exhibit’s video: Saving Africa’s Forests

Sea Lion Exhibit – This outdoor exhibit was equipped with Hearing Loop technology, enabling clear listening anywhere within the exhibition.

Wildlife Conservation Society Conference Center - Installation of a state-of the-art sound, video, and control system. Additionally, the telephone conferencing system was upgraded to a new high definition Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone conferencing system.

Watch a video described excerpt from Saving Africa’s Forests


Bronx Zoo Saving Africa's Forests on Vimeo.

The Richard Rodgers Theatre – The Richard Rodgers Theatre was the first Broadway theatre in NYC to be equipped with Hearing Loop technology. It has since become the foundation design for theatres all throughout the country.

The Gershwin Theatre was equipped entirely with Hearing Loop technology becoming fully compliant with all ADA regulations. This theater is currently the largest looped theater in NYC.

The Lunt Fontaine Theatre, New York, NY was looped in Jan., 2015

2014 Hearing Loss Association of America National Award for Hearing Loop Technology

Sunrise Day Camp is a camp for kids with cancer and their siblings

• Multipurpose Room/Smart Room: Installation of a state-of-the-art audio/video, and media control system. This Smart Room serves many functions at the same time. It uniquely gives the client the ability to matrix the room into five zones. Each zone can play any selected media source, at any volume. When the room needs to become integrated into one space, the zones can be combined and used as a large theater.

• Design and installation of a user-friendly control system. It can be accessed via any smart device with a browser and WiFi capabilities. The control system was developed for use by anyone familiar with the everyday smart phone.

• Installation of a New York State-mandated safety alert system that overrides the current programs audio and sounds an alarm for different types of emergencies.

Outdoor Amphitheater, THE HUB: Installation of a sound system with a wireless microphone that covers four outside zones.

• Installation of an outdoor wireless network used to control the system’s audio and music selection. The Hub can also be controlled from any smart device with a browser and WiFi.

• Installation of a mobile TV cart that can be easily added to any of the zones needing to play a video.

Find out more about Sunrise Day Camp:

Design and installation of this wheelchair accessible tour bus, equipped with Assistive Listening technology

• Flexible, removable component design that enables the entire TMZ Tour Bus accessible technology and content media infrastructure to be transferred from one bus to another. The only design of its kind in the U.S.

• Design and installation of a high definition audio, video, & control system for operation
by bus tour guides.

• Creation of a media server and software, for easy-to-use playback and control of the onboard content through the audio and video system.

• Integration of a remote media logging system, enabling TMZ headquarters to log in at anytime and update the system’s audio and video content.

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