Sunrise Day Camp is a camp for kids with cancer and their siblings

• Multipurpose Room/Smart Room: Installation of a state-of-the-art audio/video, and media control system. This Smart Room serves many functions at the same time. It uniquely gives the client the ability to matrix the room into five zones. Each zone can play any selected media source, at any volume. When the room needs to become integrated into one space, the zones can be combined and used as a large theater.

• Design and installation of a user-friendly control system. It can be accessed via any smart device with a browser and WiFi capabilities. The control system was developed for use by anyone familiar with the everyday smart phone.

• Installation of a New York State-mandated safety alert system that overrides the current programs audio and sounds an alarm for different types of emergencies.

Outdoor Amphitheater, THE HUB: Installation of a sound system with a wireless microphone that covers four outside zones.

• Installation of an outdoor wireless network used to control the system’s audio and music selection. The Hub can also be controlled from any smart device with a browser and WiFi.

• Installation of a mobile TV cart that can be easily added to any of the zones needing to play a video.

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