Congo Exhibit – Design and upgrade to a 3-D, high definition theater with 1080 picture.

Congo Exhibit – Upgrade the assistive technologies within the theater. Installation of a Hearing Loop system was installed within the entire theater making it completely accessible. Installation of a multi-channel FM Radio Frequency (RF) system that can simultaneously broadcast English language content, foreign language versions, and audio description for the blind.

Congo Exhibit – Audio description and captioning of the exhibit’s video: Saving Africa’s Forests

Sea Lion Exhibit – This outdoor exhibit was equipped with Hearing Loop technology, enabling clear listening anywhere within the exhibition.

Wildlife Conservation Society Conference Center - Installation of a state-of the-art sound, video, and control system. Additionally, the telephone conferencing system was upgraded to a new high definition Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone conferencing system.

Watch a video described excerpt from Saving Africa’s Forests


Bronx Zoo Saving Africa's Forests on Vimeo.

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